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Fargo Wedding | El Paso, Texas

February 9 2015

I don’t photograph too many weddings, but when I do, I love seeing the excitement & love during this special day. I was asked by one of my beautiful and talented friends, Nicole Fargo, to photograph her special day. And a beautiful event it was. Big shout out to Ale Saldaña who helped me document this gorgeous wedding. Enjoy. :)


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A little late in posting this, but finally did! :)

Baby Geraldine – Pretty in Pink

November 21 2014

This month has been pretty crazy with work (Thank you Jesus), so its a job in itself finding the time to blog about the things I am up to. But here is a recent shoot I did for beautiful baby Geraldine. Big shout out and thanks to my friend, Alejandra Saldaña for being a HUGE help before, during and after the shoot. And thank you for sharing these behind the scenes shots.




coffeecreative_geraldine2 coffeecreative_geraldine1
coffeecreative_geraldine5 coffeecreative_geraldine6


coffeecreative_geraldine8 coffeecreative_geraldine7


coffeecreative_geraldine10 coffeecreative_geraldine11



Baby Eva | Soft Vintage Outdoors

September 22 2014

I was very excited about this shoot, everything was like a soft vintage dream. Although we encountered an unexpected swarm of mosquitos, Baby Eva’s mom, Mariana, kept calm and positive throughout the whole shoot. I think we made a great team. Beautiful baby Eva was well behaved throughout the whole shoot, it helped things go smooth. Hope ya’ll enjoy! Eva 02 Eva 06 Eva 03 Eva 05 Eva 01
Eva 04