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Candace + Jorge | El Paso Wedding

August 22 2014

Upon meeting Candace & Jorge, their love for eachother showed in the way they looked at eachother over coffee. It was adorable to see them blush as they told me about the 1st time they met during an outing. The more I got to know these two, the more excited I was to shoot their special day. It was an added bonus to see how gorgeous the wedding was. I am in love with nature & rustic inspired weddings, so this was a delight to document. It was my first time documenting  at 150 Sunset & would recommend to any new couples in El Paso looking for something unique in El Paso. Thank you Ale for helping me document this beautiful day. Enjoy, ya’ll.

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Meet Kevin.

May 20 2014

In this week’s Meet series, I will introduce Kevin Brisco. Kevin is not only an amazing painter, he is also a talented copy writer (with the best laugh) & someone I can always count on to accompany me on my art adventures. The following is a short Q&A he answered for me.

& You must check out his work at after reading.


 Name: Kevin Brisco

From: Memphis, TN

Current: El Paso, Texas
18 year old Kevin-5


Keep Sane: Watching the Regular Show on Cartoon Network tends to keep me grounded

Motto: “Turn Down For Work”

Kevin-12 Kevin-14 Kevin-16b


Influences: Gordon Parks, Takeshi Kitano, Steve McQueen, James Franco, artists who constantly tackle new genres

Listening to: Missy Elliott, Billy Idol, The Misfits/Danzig, Devo,

Current Obsession: Craig Ferguson Interviews

regular show


Where would I travel to: Rio De Janeiro Goals this Year: Write a (good) screenplay

Advice to 18 year old me: Even though I know 18 year old me was an idiot, I think I would want to ask him for advice, specifically what his wildest dreams for us are. What does he want to us be when we grow up?


Kevin-22 Kevin-17


Meet Tammy.

April 30 2014

Hello, friends. Lately I’ve felt very inspired by the creative folks around me. Being creative can mean so many things to each individual, and thats what makes it so exciting and new each time. Today, I will introduce you to Tammy. I’ve known Tammy for 10+ years now. She’s always been the person that stands out in a crowd. I am not sure whether it’s her peppy  personality or her unique fashion sense.

Tammy inspires me, and I hope she can inspire you too. Below I will continue with a short and sweet Q&A with Miss Tammy Partanen.



Name: Tammy Rae Partanen

From/ Current Location: El Paso

What do you do to keep sane? I venture out into nature. Seeing, touching, breathing the perfection and beauty of Mother Earth does miracles for quieting a worried soul.




Motto? Keep everything simple

Who are your biggest influences? Ansel Adams, George Gershwin, my big brother, Disney

Listening to? Sergei Rachmaninov



04 copy

Current obsessions? Coconut oil, my new iPhone, wearing no make-up

If you could travel anywhere tonight where would it be? Bali

Goals this year? Say “yes” more, act more, watch 365 movies, reach out to lost friends




untitled-0895-2 05


Advice to 18 year old you? Don’t be in such a rush to grown up. Make stupid, young mistakes and bad choices before it’s too late. Make friends with everyone you meet. Take a risk everyday. Learn to dance well. Travel more. A lot more. Don’t forget Mom’s birthday!


Photography Bootcamp

January 29 2014

I started one of my New Year Resolutions to improve my photo skills. So, I signed up for a workshop given by the talented Brittni Schroeder. Not only is she an amazing photographer, but super humble and very helpful. Definitely recommend this class to anyone who is a beginner, and just trying to learn the basics. Look forward to putting my new knowledge into practice.
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Baby Elliot Spring Photoshoot

October 21 2013

I am a little behind at posting these, but I wanted to share some photos I took of my dear friends’ Shadia & Jack’s Baby. You can catch Shadia at her fun & creative blog, Baby Button Brown—A great and super cute read.

Baby Elliot was definitely a lot of fun and work to photograph. Being my first time photographing a baby, that it took me two sessions to get what we wanted. Nonetheless, I learned a lot and loved the experience! Thank you for allowing me to photograph your little one, Shadia and Jack!

Shadia01 Shadia02 Shadia03