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Baby Geraldine – Pretty in Pink

November 21 2014

This month has been pretty crazy with work (Thank you Jesus), so its a job in itself finding the time to blog about the things I am up to. But here is a recent shoot I did for beautiful baby Geraldine. Big shout out and thanks to my friend, Alejandra Saldaña for being a HUGE help before, during and after the shoot. And thank you for sharing these behind the scenes shots.




coffeecreative_geraldine2 coffeecreative_geraldine1
coffeecreative_geraldine5 coffeecreative_geraldine6


coffeecreative_geraldine8 coffeecreative_geraldine7


coffeecreative_geraldine10 coffeecreative_geraldine11



Baby Eva | Soft Vintage Outdoors

September 22 2014

I was very excited about this shoot, everything was like a soft vintage dream. Although we encountered an unexpected swarm of mosquitos, Baby Eva’s mom, Mariana, kept calm and positive throughout the whole shoot. I think we made a great team. Beautiful baby Eva was well behaved throughout the whole shoot, it helped things go smooth. Hope ya’ll enjoy! Eva 02 Eva 06 Eva 03 Eva 05 Eva 01
Eva 04

Candace + Jorge | El Paso Wedding

August 22 2014

Upon meeting Candace & Jorge, their love for eachother showed in the way they looked at eachother over coffee. It was adorable to see them blush as they told me about the 1st time they met during an outing. The more I got to know these two, the more excited I was to shoot their special day. It was an added bonus to see how gorgeous the wedding was. I am in love with nature & rustic inspired weddings, so this was a delight to document. It was my first time documenting  at 150 Sunset & would recommend to any new couples in El Paso looking for something unique in El Paso. Thank you Ale for helping me document this beautiful day. Enjoy, ya’ll.

00 FONG 03 FONG 05 FONG 06 FONG 07 FONG 08 FONG 015 FONG 09 FONG 010 FONG 011 FONG 012 FONG 013 014 fong 016 FONG 017 Fong 18 FONG 019 Fong

Meet Kevin.

May 20 2014

In this week’s Meet series, I will introduce Kevin Brisco. Kevin is not only an amazing painter, he is also a talented copy writer (with the best laugh) & someone I can always count on to accompany me on my art adventures. The following is a short Q&A he answered for me.

& You must check out his work at after reading.


 Name: Kevin Brisco

From: Memphis, TN

Current: El Paso, Texas
18 year old Kevin-5


Keep Sane: Watching the Regular Show on Cartoon Network tends to keep me grounded

Motto: “Turn Down For Work”

Kevin-12 Kevin-14 Kevin-16b


Influences: Gordon Parks, Takeshi Kitano, Steve McQueen, James Franco, artists who constantly tackle new genres

Listening to: Missy Elliott, Billy Idol, The Misfits/Danzig, Devo,

Current Obsession: Craig Ferguson Interviews

regular show


Where would I travel to: Rio De Janeiro Goals this Year: Write a (good) screenplay

Advice to 18 year old me: Even though I know 18 year old me was an idiot, I think I would want to ask him for advice, specifically what his wildest dreams for us are. What does he want to us be when we grow up?


Kevin-22 Kevin-17