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El Paso Cute Couple Session | Leticia & David

November 1 2015

Lety reached out to me wanting photos taken of her and her husband, just because. I loved that. Years fly by and before we know it, we didn’t document the memories of those first years of marriage. Something I’m also guilty of.

Loved how simple and beautiful this session turned out. Leticia and David were great to shoot, filled with laughter & awesome chemistry. The way it should be. Enjoy.


Coffee Creative Blog-letyand david Coffee Creative Blog-letyand david2

Sister Maternity Photo Session | Central El Paso

October 29 2015

It’s always a bit awkward being in front of the other end of the camera. But when my sister and I (unplanned) got pregnant together, I knew I had to document this special moment. We kept the shoot casual, simple and fun. In case you’re wondering, I am 37 weeks and my sister is 29 weeks, love how our babies will grow up so close in age. :)

Thank you for viewing, enjoy!

Photos taken by Ale Saldaña, Retouched by me.

Check out Ale’s work at


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El Paso Fall Pumpkin / Thanksgiving Photo Session | Annabelle & Family

October 16 2015

This is most definitely my favorite season of the year, thus making this session very enjoyable for me. I love seeing pumpkins, feeling the cool breeze, & seeing the fall colors. This session was mostly focused on cute Anabelle. Her parents wanted this session to capture Anabelle’s essence & commemorate the way she is now, knowing how quickly little ones grow. As her mother best said it, “She is full of life”. I couldn’t have said it better.

Stay tuned for an updated blog post with new photos from this same session. :) Thank you for stopping by.


Anabelle-Fall01 Anabelle-Fall02 Anabelle-Fall03 Anabelle-Fall03a Anabelle-Fall04 Anabelle-Fall06 Anabelle-Fall05 Anabelle-Fall07 Anabelle-Fall08

/////////////////////////////////// Updated Photos from this cute Halloween/Thanksgiving Session ///////////////////////////////////

We went ahead and took Thanksgiving themed photos during our same trip to the Pumpkin patch. Love how simple and cute they came out. :)

Thanksgiving2015--8 Thanksgiving2015--19 Thanksgiving2015--14 Thanksgiving2015-3704 Thanksgiving2015-3758 Thanksgiving2015-3762 Thanksgiving2015-3769 Thanksgiving2015-3794

Meet Nicholas.

October 13 2015

I recently caught up with Nicholas and got to explore his studio space and work, along with cute Linus (he makes a couple guest appearances below). Nick is the kind of guy who always makes you feel comfortable, welcomed and relaxed. His positive energy and great smile are two of many many qualities.

Ive known Nick for a couple years now and I’ve been fortunate to see his personal and creative growth. It was especially his recent work that caught my attention. (You can see more of it on his instagram profile.) We talked about his process, his future endeavors, Whataburger & more. Check out the following Q&A along with a couple of still images I captured during our meet-up.

Also, don’t forget to check out more of his work on his portfolio site.

Thank you for reading & enjoy!

01 02

Full Name?

Nicholas David Tarin

From/Current Location:

El Paso, Texas


I work at a family owned and operated business, One Stop Print Shop. My father has been a printer by occupation for his entire career. I picked up the business when I was 19 and I’ve been helping since. I’m mostly managing the software end of the business, but its not rare for me to be a delivery driver, purchasing agent, janitor, and graphic designer all in a single day.

03 04 05
07 08 09 10 11

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical week day means going to work Monday through Friday, but work doesn’t really seem like work to me. In that sense, I enjoy what I do and it gives me purpose and drive.

What do you do to keep sane?

On my off hours I walk my dog, hang out with friends.. You know, look for the fun things to do in and out-of-town. On the weekends, I do whatever! Sleep in, binge party.. It’s at the flip of a coin.

Are you satisfied creatively? If so, why or why not?

I am not satisfied creatively and I hope I’m never satisfied. For a long while I did nothing creatively and maybe it was laziness, maybe I was soaking in the experience for a right time to act, maybe it was a bit of both. For whatever reasons, I feel mature. I feel ready now. I have resources and skills that I’ve acquired through the years and it hasn’t settled till recently that I can take myself to larger heights.

12 13 14 15 16 17


What are you working on lately that excites you?

I’m currently working on myself as an artist. The details are endless and I’m all about the details.

Anything you are looking to pursue in the future?

I’m wanting to work with 3D printing and projection mapping.

Life Motto?

Be good to the people around you, to your family, strangers, to yourself. Being good is sometimes the harder thing to do because you get no gain, no recognition and sometimes you get stepped on but you have integrity within yourself and that feels best of all.

18 19 20


Who are your biggest influences?

Biggest influences would have to be family and friends. I’d have to place my parents at the height of that totem. My mom and dad have defined the ideal definition of what family means to me and they really poured on the love thick.. Maybe it shows.

Currently listening to?

I’ve had Benoit & Sergio on high rotation this entire year. Their music is like a mantra to me, a groovy sexy mantra.

If you could travel anywhere tomorrow where would it be?

Somewhere not in North America.

21 22 23 24 25


Last favorite movie you watched, and why?

The Wolf of Wallstreet. It was raw and it idealized crime and money and power.. All recipes for a good movie. Did I mention it was inspired by actual events?

Last favorite meal you ate, and why?

I had Jason’s Deli last night. I had the salad bar and I loaded up on veggies and greens like whoa. I try to make conscience efforts to put good food in my body. Oh, I had the free ice cream too.

Advice to 16 year old you?

I’d tell myself that I am my own best friend, so do things that make myself happy and don’t question why.


El Paso Desert, Boho inspired and Teepee Photography | Alex and Liam

September 28 2015

When a mother is willing to almost go barefoot in the desert, all for a shoot, I couldn’t ask for more.
Love everything about how this mother & son / boho desert inspired shoot turned out. Beautiful weather + gorgeous family. Enjoy.






















El Paso Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session | Payton Love & Family

September 13 2015

“The littlest feet make the biggest footprints in our hearts.” That is especially true as I photographed this amazing family as they joyfully welcomed their baby girl, Payton Love, into their family. Loved the bond and support they have for one another. Here is a sneak peak of the opportunity to document their family at their home. And how gorgeous is Payton’s nursery!? Love love.















Downtown El Paso / Nature Engagement Session | Danali & Justin

September 11 2015

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to photograph these cute Austinites. They met on a night out, she caught his eye, he asked for her number and the rest is history. I loved how fun they were and how they kept me laughing the whole time. Hope you enjoy this sneak peak of their engagement session!










6 Months | Photos by Ale Saldana

September 6 2015

In a recent visit, my dear friend Ale stopped by my home to quickly drop off some files. Doing so, she candidly captured some photos of me in my new home. I love how simple & quiet they are, along with documenting my 6 month baby bump. Looking forward to meeting my lil Olive. I know once she’s here, my home will no longer be the quiet sanctuary I know now.

Thank you Ale for capturing these. Check out her work on her website.








El Paso Cute Rustic Photoshoot | The Alvarez Sisters | EL Paso Family Photographer

July 7 2015

I stumbled across this gallery, and I realized I had not blogged it yet! This year (what’s left of it) blogging my sessions will definitely be something I work on.

This session was dear to me, because as many of you know, I also have 3 sisters whom I love dearly. These gorgeous cuties definitely brought back good memories of that childhood bond and fun that begins at their age. The sunset was just a perfect compliment to their adorable matching outfits. Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed shooting them!

Alvarez Sisters-0042 Alvarez Sisters-0061 Alvarez Sisters-0097 Alvarez Sisters-9715 Alvarez Sisters-0140 Alvarez Sisters-0193 Alvarez Sisters-0205 Alvarez Sisters-0347a Alvarez Sisters-0347b Alvarez Sisters-9547
Alvarez Sisters-9744 Alvarez Sisters-9778 Alvarez Sisters-9806 Alvarez Sisters-9820 Alvarez Sisters-9864 Alvarez Sisters-9919